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Good restaurants in Memphis TN

One of the cities we love working in is Memphis, TN. When we’re not covering a deposition and have some time to enjoy a good meal, there is an excellent selection of restaurants to choose from.

There is comfort food, but there is also lip-smacking and finger-licking street food. People come to Memphis for its rich history, but many others come to simply explore with their taste buds. We have put together a list of ten of the best restaurants to try when you’re in Memphis.

  1. Central BBQ

No food leaves us with mouthwatering memories like the Memphis barbeque. The Central BBQ down ‎147 Butler Avenue has managed to make a signature dish out of BBQ Nachos. Wandering souls find comfort in the chicken and pulled pork served with tortilla chips and sprinkled with barbeque sauce, jalapenos, and barbeque shake.

Since its opening in 2002, Central Barbeque has been rated highly as the greatest barbeque joint in Memphis. Perhaps the secret for Central BBQ, as they say, is to transform smoke into a sauce. With the use of hickory and pecan woods, the meats come out tender and delicious like never before.

  1. The Four Way, Memphis, Tennessee

How about a restaurant with great tasting meals, and a little sense of history? Head to the Four Way on 998 Mississippi Blvd. This restaurant is a cozy setting with comfort food, best among them being fried catfish served with collard greens. The Four Way restaurant goes way back to 1946.

During the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King and other leaders often dined at the Four Way. They plotted their equal rights battles over a plate of baked chicken and lemon pie. Other notable people to relish in the delicacies of the Four Way include Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight.

  1. The Arcade Restaurant

This is another restaurant that has witnessed the growth of Memphis since its early days. The Arcade Restaurant at the intersection of South Main Street and G.E. Patterson has been around since 1919. Some of the signature bites here include the Elvis Sandwich, attributed to Elvis Presley.

The Elvis Sandwich includes buttered and grilled Texas toast, combined with peanut butter and ripe banana slices. The sandwich also combines a few strips of smoked bacon for a memorable meal.

Tourists, writer, photographers and movie stars all stream here all round to have a taste of great food and nostalgia at the Arcade Restaurants. The venue has its moments on the big screen with movies such as Mystery Train, The Client, Elizabethtown, and Walk the Line, among others.

  1. The Half Shell Restaurant

The signature Monte Cristo Sandwich is what gets the Half Shell Restaurant top of many restaurant reviews in Memphis. This fried sandwich is made with smoked ham, turkey and cheese. It is the battered in beaten eggs and cooked to a golden brown color. The fried sandwich is then sprinkled with sugar and served with honey mastered sauce. This unforgettable sandwich has enslaved many Memphis residents and kept travelers coming back for more.

The Half Shell Restaurant has two locations in Memphis, one at 688 South Mendenhall and the other at 7825 Winchester. Other notable dishes on the menu include Cream of Mushroom Soup and Crab Empanadas among others.

  1. Sunrise Memphis

If you are ever in need of a good old-fashioned breakfast in Memphis, TN, then head downtown to the Sunrise Restaurant on 670 Jefferson Avenue. The menu includes a variety of specials including breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, tacos, and omelets.

This little venue was put up in 2017 by Craig Blondis and Roger Sapp of Central BBQ. Sunrise has already extended its reach in Memphis as the best place for feel-good breakfast and Sunday brunch.

  1. The Gray Canary

On 301 S Street, Memphis, TN, sits on a quiet and tranquil new restaurant full with delicious surprises. There are a signature cocktail menu and a wine list crafted by an experienced wine director Ryan Radish.

Under the guidance of experienced chefs, the Grey Canary lives up to many a food lover’s dreams. The culinary team experiments with different cooking techniques, influencing and inspiring new tastes with raw cooking, smoking, grilling and pot cooking.

  1. Lucky Cat Ramen

Located at the corner of Cooper and Peabody, Lucky Cat is a catch with delicacies such as Chicken-Corn Miso, pork bone broth, Tonkatsu, and Bacon Shio. There are also sandwiches, chicken skin, pork belly, and barbeque pork.

The venue knows how to build appetites with anticipation and sweet aromas. The aromatic food grilling, smoking, and frying will wet your palate before you even get to dig into the meals.

  1. Bar DKDC

DKDC is another foodies’ gem in Memphis enthused with beautiful decor and a dark and cozy atmosphere with a dynamic menu. You will also get to enjoy great music and drinks as you indulge your pallet.

Under the stewardship of Chef Karen Carrier, DKDC boasts of a full menu of world-class street foods. The food list is extensive from Mexican dishes to Israeli delicacies, Spanish, and Caribbean spices, you can be sure to have a memorable dining experience here. The ambiance is intimate and cozy, embellished with colorful Indian textiles and antiques from Taxco and Southern Delta.

  1. Soul Fish Cafe

Soul Fish Cafe is a perfect dining venue for those that desire rich Southern comfort food on a budget. Treats here include fried catfish and smoked chicken. There are also customized hush puppies and pecan pie that will steal your heat away. Soul Fish has several locations in Midtown Memphis, East Memphis, and German town. They also have a mobile kitchen for events and outside catering.

  1. Pig on Beale

This is one of the leading pork barbeque joints and is located at 167 Beale St, Memphis. You can have a finger licking BBQ pulled pork piled high with onion rings and barbeque sauce. You can also opt for BBQ Baked Beans or Homemade Coleslaw.

Pig on Beale has an old-school vibe with movie posters on the wall and colorful, cozy chairs. There is also a diligent and friendly staff who go above and beyond to facilitate a wonderful dining experience.

When you are in town for a deposition, a legal proceeding, or for another reason, you won’t run out of good places to eat in Memphis.

If you know of a restaurant or two that we should add to the list, let us know!

Image Credit: Thomas Hawk (license CC 2.0)

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