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Restaurants in Shreveport Louisiana

When attorneys come to Shreveport, Louisiana for depositions and other legal proceedings, a common question is, “Where can I find some good food?” We’ll highlight some of the best restaurants Shreveport has to offer.

Shreveport is known for its southern style, home cooking eateries. There are many restaurants and diners to satiate your appetite for world cuisines and a taste of the South. Shreveport is a mouthwatering clash of French cuisines, English and Cajun.

Strawn’s Eat Shop

Strawn’s Eat Shop is one of those restaurants that serves good food and a cup of rich history. The restaurant was started in 1944 by Mr. Strawn. Today it has two other branches in Shreveport. Strawn’s Eat Shop is on many traveler’s bucket list when it comes to breakfast in Louisiana.

You will find their creamy and fluffy biscuits to be yummy. The chefs are also phenomenal at preparing eggs and gravy. The other highlight is their famous icebox pies.

Ki’ Mexico

Ki’ Mexico is one of the hippest and most happening places in Shreveport. This venue serves hot Mexican cuisine in an upbeat environment. The restaurant is situated in the Highlands district, and it has become one of the best joints for locals chasing after signature cocktails and happy times with friends. Before digging into the main course, try out their guacamole and chips appetizer. It’s next level delicious, but be careful, you might stuff yourself full before the main meal.

Don Juan Beach Tacos

Another taste of Mexico in Shreveport is Don Juan Beach Tacos. The owner spent a better part of his life in Baja, the Mexican neighborhood in California. This taco shop in Shreveport is thriving on his west coast invented California-Mexico cuisine. Your beach tacos will be stuffed with tasty beach fillings including yellow tuna, shrimp and snapper. The rest of the menu is as exciting, with the bar packing drinks from Mexican beers to margaritas.

Bodacious BBQ

Bodacious BBQ is where to find a tasty jacket potato, also known as botato. The latter is often filled with pulled pork and cheese toppings. If you want to indulge further, you can opt for their pressure cooked ribs and brisket, which they serve with barbecue sides and classic creole. This restaurant thrives on a long history of Creole recipes made by granny and passed down through the generations. The atmosphere is relaxed, which makes it even better.

Silver Star Smokehouse

You will find traditional Texan treats on the Silver Star Smokehouse menu. Ah! That bar-be-que! The restaurant excels at classic southern Barbeque, an aspect that propelled it to Wall Street Journal’s top ten list of Barbeque restaurants in the USA. When you are there, try the Lite Combo Platter which often involves two types of meat and a side. The barbeque ribs and smoked turkey breast is incredibly delicious. Your plate will come complete with bread and sauce.

Silver Star Smokehouse also boasts a long list of appetizers including Armadillo Eggs which are a combination of Monterey jack cheese and jalapeno peppers.

Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant

Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant is a family-run restaurant in Shreveport. Their menu is famous in the lands, drawing people from far and wide. Foods to try here include panned chicken, crab claws and spaghetti and meatballs. Seafood dinners are the biggest highlight, including a variety of fishes and shellfish.

Four Winds

If you love stylish Asian cooking, then head over to the Four Winds in Bossier City. This high-end restaurant is part of the Horseshoe Hotel. Their menu includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Szechuan, and Vietnamese dishes. You can try out their chicken lettuce wraps.  It involves minced chicken fried alongside mushrooms, green onions and water chestnuts then wrapped in lettuce. The main dishes include Ma Po Tofu and lemon chicken.

Lucky Palace

The owner, Kuan Lim, hails from Malaysia. He moved to Shreveport in 1997 and has never looked back again. Today he runs a restaurant with an expansive menu boasting elevated Chinese food. And if you want to try Thai curries and noodles, there is no better place in Louisiana to introduce you to the tasty side of Asia. Many have gone back several times for the duck on scallion pancake. It is a conglomeration of soft shredded duck, and a slice of red duck skin dipped in hoisin and balanced on a scallion pancake.

Kim’s Seafood & Po-Boy

A New Orleans native moved to Shreveport after Hurricane Katrina. He loved the atmosphere and opted to stay and started Kim’s Seafood Restaurant, which he had been running in New Orleans before disaster struck. Kim’s Seafood Restaurant is a small diner with a casual, relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is a destination for home-cooked steamed Crawfish and Po-Boys lovers. The Oyster Po’Boy is a local favorite. It entails fried oysters on a bed of veggies and sauce.

Superior Grill

Superior Grill is also a big name in North Louisiana when it comes to Mexican grills. Superior Grill is the right place to try a new twist to tortillas and margaritas, which flow abundantly. You can choose from a wide array of vegetable-filled burritos, tortillas, and tacos. Superior Grill offers many Mexican themed nights.

Well+Fed Louisiana

Well+Fed is a vegan paradise on Egan Street. Here you will find gluten free everything, cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, and other tasty and healthy breakfast and lunch options. The atmosphere is relaxed – the venue is a former home converted to a restaurant. The vegan and gluten-free pastries are sourced from Scratch House Kitchen, which is a small local bakery owned by Monika Thompson. The baked goods are just as good as their gluten-packed counterpart. Well+Fed is heaven-sent, particularly for locals struggling with gluten allergies and lactose intolerance.

Shreveport is arguably an international food city. The town has accumulated an endless assortment of restaurants, specializing in a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world, but still infused with Southern charm.

Next time you’re in Shreveport, check out some of these restaurants and let us know how your experience was!

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Image Credit: Steve Snodgrass (license CC 2.0)

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